Thursday, 8 January 2015


Disaster... Or new opportunity 

Well cleaning in ones home is
A must at some point....
And my wonderful husband has been kindly
 redoing my craft room so I'm doing my crafts in our
Dinning room which is well to say the least... Fustrating 
As when ever you looking for something
I have to go down stairs....
Well I'm getting extra excecise with all the running 
Backwards and forwards...LOL

So whilest cleaning my son was dusting and has broken
My favourite bottle....
Yes he has been helping...
Yes he loved this bottle as much as I did...
Yes he got more of a fright than me...
But I guess one can only see this as an 
Opportunity to re do this and see how I can
Improve on my work....

So watch this space... I have a new project!

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Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful

I took my stencils and applied gesso to my page through the stencil to get
My images. I then dried the gesso. 
I used my sprays,
Dylusion's: lemon zest 
                     Campso teal 
but I watered down the Campso teal to get the 
soft blue I was after.

I then used two different background stamps and did random background 
Stamping. I used my chocolate dylusions and made
"Coffee" rings on my page.
Added my photo used gesso to seal to the page and used 
Alittle dylusions to blend the picture with the page.

Glued down my twine and my letters.
Heat embossed my chipboard bird and flowers.
Super happy with how the page turned out...

Hope you enjoyed it