Sunday, 20 July 2014

Garden Bottle

So I wanted to try doing a bottle... It seemed easy and so...
Here goes..
I got an empty sundries tomato bottle and washed it well and removed the Label.
I then did a thin layer of gesso.
Once it dried I applied antique gold -Folk art papier glitter paint 
Over the hole bottle covering the gesso.
Once dried I did a second coat.

Once the second coat was dried I then cut out the images off the serviettes 
 I wanted and then applied with mod podge.
I then got string and strung it around the top a few times and then
Added an image with the bird on and glued it down, so it
Doesn't swing every time I pick up the bottle!

 For my first attempt it's okay... Most certainly would like to try another bottle but this time going to hunt a different shape!!!
Thanks for stopping by
Cheers scrappers stay warm

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mother's Love

                               So ..I had one idea, but as soon as I started my idea was straight out the window and I headed off in new direction...
I started with a 8 x 8 canvas and covered it with tissue paper already preprinted.
I took a piece of lace and adhered it the the base of the canvas.
I then got my "Love" sign and two ticket stubs.
First I sprayed the "Love" sign with Dylusions - bubble gum.
I glued it over the lace and place my two ticket stubs.
I then applied a thin... Watered down layer of gesso over the whole canvas.
I then used my heating tool and dried my canvas.
I then placed my masking tape down we're I wanted it.

I then glued down butterflies that will resist the sprays. 
I took my charcoal pencil and went over the word "love" and enhanced it. 
I turned on my heat gun and.... Well the fun begins!!
Take the heat gun and run the glue over the masking tape
Were you want the glue. You must let the gun get hot before applying the glue or it 
will be thick as it has happened on my canvas.
Once the glue is dry - it dries quickly!!
Choose your two colours to spray.
I started with poppy red. Dry between spraying colours.

I  wiped of the excess spray and dried with heating tool.
I took my charcoal pencil and again went over the 'Love''.
I took wet wipes and placed then over the areas I didn't want sprayed with my next colour.
I took my Burnt umber and sprayed over the areas with masking tape and glue.
Again cleaning off excess spray off the resist butterflies once finished.  
I then dried with my heating tool. And started to decorate with the embellishments I wanted.
I backed my picture with black card stock. Placed a white flower  in the cornor and put rhinestones flowing out the flower.

Hope you enjoyed this new technique as much as I have enjoyed playing whilst learning...
Happy scrapping everyone 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Blue eyes

Hello every one...

This is my favourite page of all...
It's the first page of my journal and I found this ATC card on Pinterest that I love so I turned it into my journal page.
I started of with broken chine - distress stain and dried the page well.
I took tissue paper and covered it with script stamps and made sure that it was flowing and that the staZon ink was consistent through out the tissue paper. 
I modge podged it over the whole page covering the broken china

I then measured the size of card which was 13cm (L)  X 20cm (H).
I covered with oriental script and used vintage photo - distress inks and inked it over the whole page. Until I was happy with the effect I was looking turned out great and blended in with the blue until it made me so happy it gave me goosebumps!!
I took half a face out a magazine and only used the the eye and the lower nose,lips and cheek.
I then tore the part of the lower face and placed it on the right side of the vintage photoed card.
I cut out a butterfly in baby blue bazzil card stock and then stamped and embossed with platinum  pearl. I then split my butterfly down the centre as the eye must be placed at an angle with the butterfly wings coming off the eyes.
Once I was happy with the layout I glued it down.

Really stoked with the out come!!

Happy journaling and thanks heaps for visiting...