Sunday, 19 January 2014

Band of brothers

This is a technique I saw and was keen to give it a go but hadn't had the "glue" for it so after having a discussion with Kim (my friend) she mention I could use her spray adhesive  to give it a go!!
Yes... You will need spray adhesive (any will do) for this technique. I took a stencil and placed it on my paper and then sprayed the adhesive. I lifted the stencil directly after spraying and washed it in hot water as to not leave any glue residue on the stencil. Once dry ( about 30minutes as per the instructions on the spray can) I then used Dylusions Campso teal and sprayed both pages.... The glue then resists the spray leaving the image of my stencil.... Most certainly will do this one again!!!


Once the pages where dry, I took the crackle stencil and did the impressions I wanted on the corners with modelling paste to give it texture and build depth on my page! When the modelling paste started to dry I noticed some of the modelling paste absorbed the Campso teal and some of the modelling paste stayed white... so random but so effective!! I then added two butterflies on each side of the page with different pre-mixed modelling paste. All my pictures are backed in red card stock. The two centre images are backed in DCWV premium glitter stack, distressed and have galaxy gold ink edging. I then used Kaiser raft - shaken not stirred collection to back the images. I have also made "gold skin" ... Yes... you read correctly "Gold Skin' - Thanks Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!!
it is very easy but you have to be patience! this is how you do it - you need  a good acrylic paint in liquid form and then you draw you images. once it has dried for at least 2days minimum. then you take modge podge and apply a then layer over the top of the acrylic images that you have drawn. Once it has dried ( 2days minimum) you can then lift it and cut to what ever size you want for your page! In this page you can see I applied the modge podge too soon over the acrylic and the gold blended with the modge podge hence the modge podge is not clear but has got tones of gold in it...

I used modge podge to stick  all my stickers down so that I didn't have them lift. I do love the images of the boys playing with out cat back in South Africa...They boys do just grow up so fast!
thankfully they do still help heaps in the garden or I would never cope with the garden I have know!!
Loving my boys and loving my new home!!!

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