Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pate knife MiniCanvas

Finnabair inspired....
I started by walking around the house and gathering all the broking trinkets that could be used on my canvas...Lace keyboard pieces, broken earring, tag from jeans I had just bought, a keychain, buttons and any extra bits and bobs. I was given a Pate knife and so I decided that 
 this was going to be my centre piece.
I started off by gluing down the book pages. I was rather selective of how I wanted the pages to be laid out and not really thinking of I was going to cover the whole page at the end but we will see at the end... I then started to add layers to the canvas. I put on my ribbon which I folded and added various other forms of lace with flowers and florets. I used a zip and kept it open and placed it as a base on the canvas. I put buttons and a key on and the a shell. I have added  two pearls a paper clip and even hangers for the curtains. I had a glass bead with a broken earring which also which was stuck down. I placed the pate knife down where I wanted it and then also stuck down my embellishments around the centre piece. I want my pate knife as the focal point.
 Once you have glued all your element's, trinkets & flowers down. let it dry. I applied everything with a heavy body medium before I left it to dry.

Next step is to gesso over the canvas and let it dry. Make sure you get it in all the gaps and holes.

Once all dry I made a cup of black tea...Not to drink but to use on my canvas....This is something that if you are a Finnabair fan will know that this is something she loves to use and Anna has a spray bottle on hand in her kit of the black tea!
So once the gesso was dry I took my dry LuminArte powders and put it over the canvas in the area's I decided I wanted the colour to be. I then used water to blend the powders and bring colour to the canvas. I then dried it before I used the black tea. I sprayed tea over the page. I then took my toothbrush and dipped it into watered down black paint and flicked it over the page. 

I enjoyed doing the canvas, loved how the colours have come together and how the tea on the canvas adds a different tone on this image.
Hope you enjoy
 LuminArte colours used: Mandarin Citrine
                                     Blushing rose
                                     Lucky Apple 
                                                                                         Mediterranean Blue


  1. beautiful canvas and great entry for the lUminarte Giveway. Thank you for playing along in CJS 2014!

    1. Wow thanks so much for visiting my blog... So wonderful to have been part of such inspirational teachers guidance!