Monday, 4 November 2013

Eggshell Dairy

Being in New Zealand I have learnt MANY new techniques! both from YouTube, classes and friends I have gained in the scrapping, mixed media industry, I have learnt to play with different textures and something I have tried is eggshells...Yes, eggshells I have done both art journaling with it and I have tried it on a cover which I'm going to share with you today... But if you aren't a patient person then this isn't for you or you need to do it whilst working with another project on the go! It's really a rewarding project when it's finished as the textures are delightful - I loved the look and so love the feel!! So get your patience on and lets get started... You going to have to start to collect eggshells so.

Next time you have eggs keep the shells the more you keep the better I always keep every eggshell, leftovers can always be thrown away when you are finished but once you enjoy the technique you wont throw the left overs away! And like me you just keep collect, my husband cooks and he knows not to even throw 1 shell away or it cause the roof to come crashing down on him...LOL!  Once you have your eggshell, under slow running water peel the membrane of the egg off but be  VERY gentle as not to crumble the shell. Peel it slowly so as to try and keep the membrane peeling of the inside of the shell. If you are struggling then gently ruby it with the water and you will feel it crumble away in you hand until all the membrane is clean from the shell.  Then you have to leave it to dry for up to 6-8hours. You can also leave it up to 4hours(sometimes quicker, my tumble dryer was going and I found it seemed to speed the time up) in a hot window sill with no moisture - you will need to keep lifting them from the plate so that they don't stick to it.

Once the eggshells are dry you can use a good PVA glue on the cover of your journal and start to  place it over the cover. at this point you will need to crack the shells to ensure that it is "flattish", you will also place the eggshells cracked dark side up. Let it dry. It is important to let it dry.Don't use a heating tool as the eggshells tend to lift. I do mine just before I go to bed and when I get up I mod podge it!

 Apply a thick coat of Mod podge matte over the eggshells. leave to dry. Make sure that the glue is dry as if it isn't dry the eggshells will move whilst applying the mod podge. Don't use a heating tool it will bubble and the eggshells lifts. The thicker your mod podge the better as at this point you will be creating a good barrier for both the eggshells and the paint we will be putting on. Mod podge dries quickly I put it on before taking the kids to school and when I got home I found it was almost dry ...90% so I chose my colour to paint and went ahead and painted.
I decided on a Brilliant red - Reeves acrylic. You will need to apply the paint thick over the shells. This takes REALLLLLY long to dry once again you can't use your heat tool due to bubbling. Let it dry over 18hours - yes that is how long it will take and yes that is how thick the paint will need to be. remember eggshells are porous and the absorb is high. Once the paint is dry and if you want a gloss finish you can apply a gloss mod podge for your shine. You can then draw, write your possibilities are endless! I decided to stamp a bunting on paper cut it out and stuck it on then went and added my flower with leaf's and heat embossed my butterfly. I finished my dairy with the ribbons on the binding to add colour and femininity for me....Love it!!!
Loved doing this project hope you enjoy the challenge and try it next time you do a page or a journal!!
Cheers for know:)


  1. Joan, your journal looks stunning. I love the egg shell effect, haven't seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing it with us over at Creative Craft Cottage.

  2. what a great idea I'll definitely try it
    greetings petra

  3. Thanks for the feedback...I so love doing this technique - makes all that more grateful for my own space :)

  4. So clever Joan:) You are very crafty x

    1. Thanks Jules, had heaps of fun doing the journal cover XXOO