Thursday, 28 November 2013

Trip To The Moon

Well it most certainly has been awhile... And yes I have been busy - crafting!! That's oh so more important than housework or Xmas shopping!! So part of the Creative dreams art journal swap was I had to do a journal and the theme was "Anything" ... It certainly does leave it open to a whole world of possibilities but I have had this idea in my head for a while to do a scene for the movie "Hugo" so I do hope I could I can do it justice... I got the picture and printed it and then did a mirror image so I could have the same on the other page of the journal.

I started with music paper and covered the back, once dry I painted with lime green and white. And then before it dryer I sprinkled glitter over the page. Once dry I used matte medium over the page. I then glued down silver stars randomly and stamped music notes over the back of the page. I then found the middle of the page and stuck down my moon, making sure that they where level on both pages. Again I used matte medium once it was all stuck down. With my cuttlebug I cut out 4 film strips. I used a lady stamp and an Eiffel Tower then drew in the building. I stamped he clouds with cloud paint and drew around them with a silver marker.

I did enjoy doing this page it most certainly was easy but had additional techniques which I wanted to try and enjoyed!!
Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoy XXOO

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