Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Santa Book

"Deck the halls with bells and holly...tra-la-la-la-la" Christmas tree is up and decorated  and the fake snow is in the window sills.   
Yes I know I been a bit quiet but doing my Xmas book has taken a bit, actually a lot of running around and heaps of cutting....

I found an old hard covered dictionary and measured 1.5cm from the spin and drew my square on the page. I took a metal ruler and my Stanley knife and started to cut through the pages until I reached the back hard cover of the book. You need to make sure that you are cutting to your dimensions or when you are finished it will be skew!
I then chose my backing paper (as you would with any layout) and glued it down before gluing the pages down. Once the cover and background paper was glued. I 3D  the Christmas tree - I used a lot of foam tape to make sure that there would be NO sag at all with the paper tree. I then glued down the buttons in the places on the back cover as  I wanted them. Once I as happy with the layout of the back cover I started to stick the pages down. It took slow work to make sure not to tear apart. Once the pages are glued together leave it to dry for at least a day or so.
Whilst waiting I went to a boot maker and got strips of leather from browns to blacks and he had heaps of different shades but the charcoal black was the final colour that I settled on for the belt on the covered. I also got the gold buckle at this store and was rather happy with my decision. The warehouse was selling a really cheap Santa hat which I was going to cut for the base of the front cover. It wasn't easy to find Red velvet for the cover to finish Santa's suit, but Global fabric's had just what I wanted!! I then stretched the red velvet and glued it down on the inside of the cover. I cut the belt to size and then fit the buckle and made the hole and glued down the buckle in place as not to move once on the book cover. Then chose the spot where I wanted the belt and glued it down. I made sure the belt went around the back of the book as well.

After it was all dry I put red  fine glitter on the page edges. Once the glitter had dried I put a layer of modge podge. The Christmas lights I thread it through red wire which I then cut holes in the top of the book and placed in and glued in place so as to stay in place. The chair .... well - it had a mind of it's own, I put glue on the feet and held it down and got all giddy with delight as it was glued in place only to fall over ... I re-glued the chair about 4 times before it stayed in place!! Santa well he just did what I wanted - Glued his feet and he stuck to the book pages!! Gotta love Santa for doing his job...The glue has dried and his on my mantle for all to see...My boys love my book and me I'm rather stoked it work!

Merry Christmas to you all


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