Saturday, 20 September 2014

Egg dairy ... New look

Well accidents happen and it was going to happen sooner or later....
I dropped my journal and dammeged the cover... Not just a small crack..
But the top came off!!! Smashed!!
I was shattered (no pun intended!!) to say the least but then I thought this was the chance to pull it off
And fix up my changes I wanted to make the last time and add some more... Well let's see what I can do before I say some thing that doesn't happen!!!

Evidence of the disaster!!

So I started of by re-sanding the cover and doing a thin layer of gesso and then
Did a second coat of gesso thicker this time.
I then put my eggshells down. Egg shell up and glue it down mod podge.
Once dry I reapplied mod podge and dried.
I then put the colour cream. I again did two coats.
Once dry I applied a serviette. 
I put it one side to dry and took a arch chippie and did a thin layer of glue over

The entire chippie to give it dimemsion. I dried it with my heating tool. Once dried 
I applied gold paint. Dried and then over the top used picked fence distress paint and rubbed with my finger
over the gold to tone down the gold. I still wasn't happy with the colour so I used spun sugar distress paint
over top of the colours I had already used. 
I then took my dress mannequin and sprain with Dylusions -
chocolate, campso teal & turquoise  
I did a paper doily as a skirt and glued it down.
 I left it white and put a silver ribbon over the top.
I then put a piece of lace across the cover and glued it down.
I then glued down my arch that was dry.
I then glued down my mannequin.
I then added more lace to the mannequin which I had sprayed with garnet. 
I found the agent to pink so I added  abit of picket fence over it to tone it down.
I then placed a rhinestone on the centre of the lace and a bit of stickles - pearl at the top.
At the top of the mannequin I added a large rhinestone as well.

Super stoked with the final out come and I must say this is more of a ladies dairy.. so between you, me and this blog kinda happy it needed a new lease on life!
Happy scrapping Ladies

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