Monday, 4 August 2014

"Little boy"

       Thanks YouTube this has been my most enjoyable clip to watch and learn from....

"Mother's Love" by lindys stamp gang.
I started of by choosing a black card stock and then glued down old book pages.
I then watered down gesso over the pages. I wanted the black edging on the card stock to show.
I then started sorting through my scrap pattern papers. You will need about 10 variations. I cut them into strips of 0.7cm thick and at least 25cm long.
Before sticking the strips down I mark where I want my photo down.
I then measure 1cm in from from the edge of both sides of the photo marks and 
draw a fine line to start placing my strips down. 
Place them both horizontally and vertically. 
I staggered my layers as I placed them down.
Once they where down I gessoed over my patterned paper. 
And dried with my heating tool.
I then took modeling paste and my circle stencil and did random circles. 

Once I was happy with my circles. I dried with my heating tool. Making sure that the pages well dried. I then took my two colours - poppy red and sky blue. 
I sprayed my page in the areas I wanted my colours to stand out.
I then dried the sprays again.
Once it was dry I took my charcoal pencil and edged all the strips I had stuck down.
I also went around some of the circles. This just makes the images pop!!
 At this point I was so stoked with how it was looking I 
stood back and enjoyed what I had done..... 
I then stuck down my picture with glue, and began to add my embellishments.

I've loved doing this page... I do so badly need to learn how to improve on my 
photography work!!!
From the light to the angles.... 

Happy scrapping guys

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