Sunday, 20 July 2014

Garden Bottle

So I wanted to try doing a bottle... It seemed easy and so...
Here goes..
I got an empty sundries tomato bottle and washed it well and removed the Label.
I then did a thin layer of gesso.
Once it dried I applied antique gold -Folk art papier glitter paint 
Over the hole bottle covering the gesso.
Once dried I did a second coat.

Once the second coat was dried I then cut out the images off the serviettes 
 I wanted and then applied with mod podge.
I then got string and strung it around the top a few times and then
Added an image with the bird on and glued it down, so it
Doesn't swing every time I pick up the bottle!

 For my first attempt it's okay... Most certainly would like to try another bottle but this time going to hunt a different shape!!!
Thanks for stopping by
Cheers scrappers stay warm

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