Saturday, 21 September 2013

All Boy

On these pages we brought in a large variety of colours using strips of paper blending the different colours to enhance the pictures. Each strip has a unique colour palette of it's own as well being different in size adding WOW factor to the page! The circles varying in size also draw you to the centre of the page bring your focus to the photo. Simple pages but effective! Adding small elements of 'boy' embellishments to bring out characteristics of Ethan!

These images are really special as Ethan was a very sick little baby yet a very happy child. many friends couldn't believe when they would look at this happy boy that he was a sick boy that every 6 week in his life he would be in hospital. after his 1st Birthday they operated and it was as if they flipped the switch in this little mans life and he got healthier by month and for that we have always be very blessed for. over the years he has grown from strength to strength.
Thank you for taking time to enjoy. xxoo

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