Saturday, 21 September 2013


Simplistic elements.... I backed the photo's then using foam stamps I stamped the heading with cream acrylic paints. On the ends of the pages I placed borders. I placed a small picture of Ethan on the "school days" clip board embellishment

I tore around the edges of the picture backing of the black and white photo of Ethan
The class photo got a "tail" which was chalked with dark brown.

Placed journaling on both pages as they where photo's over 3 years I knew that it would always be a fond memory to look back on and see the small difference's in the years. Ethan loved his years at kinder garden and so often he remembers his teacher and her kind heart and gentle nature! Renate will always be a gem in his eye's!
Thank you for the years you have given him and your time and dedication! 

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