Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christmas Music Decoration

This was done with a music book torn and rolled into cones. Each cone was edged with dark brown chalk glued in place on a round board with a centre piece that was glitter heat embossed in red for your Xmas colours and then to bring in Joy for the your embellishment. I used red satin ribbon to match with the red Glitter in my centre piece.

I am entering this into the latest monthly challenge over at Creative Craft Cottage which is 'Round Like A Record'.

Loved doing this wreath, so I decided to do another for Gill, the teacher at the school as she loves her books. Great Christmas gift for a teacher - cost effective and something she will love as not only can I get Ethan involved but it is quick and easy and every Christmas she'll have a wreath made of what she loves...Books! 

So first I took a piece of hard board and used my large dinner plate and drew around it (25cm diameter) that was my base then punched a hole for the ribbon about 2cm from the top. Took satin red ribbon and made a knot through the hole.Then I divided the circle in four with pen or pencil as it is going to be covered with the cones. Know we want our enter piece. I went with 7.5cm in diameter and did 2 circles. 1 will be my base and the top one I did fine heat embossing on in red glitter. then I added a felt "Joy" sign and with liquid pearls I added candy canes at the top and the bottom. on the "Joy" I put gold glitter stickles. I used double layers of foam tape to lift my centre piece.

Took and old book from the second hand store that cost me 50c and tore the pages out and inked one side.

Once you have inked the pages( you will need at least 50 - 60) you will begin to roll.
First you will place the page in front of you then take your double-sided tape place it in the right hand corners to hold it down. if you are unsure test your cone roll first before rolling. Put long piece on the bottom right side to hold it firm once rolled. of you want to make sure they are all the same size use a "glossy accents" bottle at the top of your cone before taping for consistency.
As you can see in the picture when I chose pictures from the book I also tore drawings from the book to bring dimensions and character to the wreath due to it being from a story book.
When you stick the cones down start on one of the lines you have drawn and work with a firm glue and remember to glue the side of your cones as well - both sides so as to hold firm.
below you can see how I worked opposites to firstly balance with both the pictures and with sizes as I don't roll my cones with procession. I do how ever have loads of fun when I do the wreath as Ethan tears the pages out the book he does my chalking on the edges and yes he even does the heat embossing!!   



I think give the boys half a chance they would love to all my heat embossing...Ethan enjoys watching it change from the powder to the perfect image!! It's his giggle that I enjoy - I just have to smile every time!!
Great that at 11 he still wants to help make the gifts for his teachers...

hope you can go know and make a wreath of your own.
let me know what you think and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions..

Hope you visit again soon
Love and Kisses


  1. What a great xmas centrepiece, which can so easily be transformed for other events as well. Thanks for sharing this with us at Creative Craft Cottage.

    1. Thanks you so much! Yes I agree it most certainly can be a versatile piece:)