Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mud Buddies

So often when you going to classes you hoping to keep learning new techniques. My biggest concern was every time I googled images all I found was the most amazing scrapped pages of girls and the layouts where detailed and I could feel my head wanting to just explode! This didn't help me as I have 2 wonderful boys at I all I wanted to do was scrap them. Yet I couldn't and hadn't yet learn't to bring in the amazing palette of colours in to my layouts. Often the Webb sites wouldn't give you details like the sites do today on how to achieve the look you are after. 

As my classes progressed  I got to understand that small details make a big difference on your page. We then began making pockets which was challenging, and then to bring in other textures on to ones page's such as cork or denim! Knowing what glue to use as double sided tape doesn't work with everything was interesting for me as standard glue for paper just wasn't going to work!!! So we needed som fancy pants glue that was going to be strong and going to bond all tough textures to paper...Mono liquid glue gets the job done!! Something else I learnt and is a great technique and do still love using today is when you tear/torn or distress the edges of your paper then you chalk it with the colour of it your page, I invariably stuck with a dark brown.

Cutting out letters became a task all on it's own which I just knew I couldn't deal with and had to find an alternative.... From buying foam letters to getting a mixture of sticker letters to wooden alphabet's but even then I still wanted more! That was when I got introduced to the Cuttlebug! A delightful alternative as I could use my own papers and then discovered that not only could you get letters but a large number of shapes, pictures which opened a whole world of possibilities when doing ones pages! 

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