Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ethan's off to "big School"

Starting with a basic colours and then getting a pattern page to match your photo's was always the challenge for me!!! Sue - my teacher started with basic two pages, plain colours and then always brought in the pattern paper to match our pictures ... Yes, I would feel like my head wanted to explode or more like implode when I got to stand in front of all those AMAZING pattern papers! I just wanted to have them all!!!! But NEVER... No, never cut them perhaps roll around on them (in your dreams)naked and then the amazing colours would just magically stick to my body and I would just be that beautiful, colourful & fabulous!!! Refocusing, Sue then showed me the art of choosing the paper - pick a colour out in the photo whether it was a green, orange or red and focus on that as your colours for the page with the pattern paper. Also remember always back your embellishments it will lift them, and they don't blend with the background.
Here I did a boarder on the left with crayons but due to them being bold in colour I decided to go against what I have just said and didn't back these embellishments. Then used a pre-made frame to place a photo in as it is the only one with both the boy in! The heading has got double sided foam tape to lift it off the page giving it height. I placed ribbon through the tag -"watch out!"

To show the difference from home to school I shaped the picture differently. Once again every photo is backed yet it is backed on different pattern papers to enhance different elements on the photo.
Had fun doing these pictures as I know my babies are growing fast and I can enjoy them at an age where they want to kiss me at the school gate...
Enjoy XXOO

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